WP!!! What the ffffffffffffoolsihness are you up to now??????

Hoi! WP!

Yes you….


OK….I will address in due time your reason for putting up inane and unwarranted  pictures above my posts.

But will you stop telling me to log in to reply to some posts when I am already logged in and with others making me Anonymous.

Hopeless. Useless.

Portrait Angry older man screaming on white background


Small wonder I don’t pay for your services anymore.



Y’know you are starting to make Microsoft Word look like a model of symplicity and user-friendliness


Angry cat 2

Lots of Bad Words……

And now to get my own personally selected image and not some puerile commercially generated mish-mosh………..

Bugs Bunny GIF


17 thoughts on “WP!!! What the ffffffffffffoolsihness are you up to now??????

  1. Totally agree with you. I can’t post comments or even likes without being told to login but then, get this, when I go to enter my credentials I’m told my email address is invalid, so I switch to my secondary email address which is also registered with WORDPRESS and it too comes up invalid. I have to copy my comment or it disappears while I return to my own blog to log in but that only last until my PC or Android phone or iPad go to sleep mode and the BS starts all over. I think WP and I have to have a chat—I know they love chatting. Sometimes they even have useful information—not often mind, but the odd time. As an unapologetic “conspiracy theorist” I say that Google is behind this and sabotaging the WP platform. Why not, they ‘destroyed’ Blogger and they are now partnered with WP, so if you connect the dots or follow the trail of bread crumbs that’s the conclusion it leads to. As to the eternal “Why” they’d do that, it’s the old predatory Capitalism doing what it does best: destroying what it sees competition.

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    • Sorry to read about your expereinces Sha’ Tara.
      45 years in the UK Public Service 27 of them with computers leaves me with a sour response every time:
      ‘Oh a computer error. What a (bad word…. bad word…..more bad words) surprise!’
      We’d get a message
      ‘Next week-end there will be an upgrade….’
      Response: ‘No point coming into work on Monday then. The whole system will be (bad words),’
      Although I read SF; I have a jaundiced opinion of AI. Since AI has to start with a human programme it could only stand for ‘Artificial Idiocy’


  2. Ahhhh … so that ‘splains it! Earlier this evening, i posted a fairly lengthy comment on a blog, only to have it go *Poof* into cyberspace when I hit the button. So, I wrote another, this one more abbreviated, and when I hit the button, it said I was trying to post a duplicate comment! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I do not have time for this b.s.!!!

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  3. Left a “Liked by you” on Jill’s comment and after more shenanigans, got a “Following” in green (which must mean “go”) and here I am, on the iPad, posting an actual comment. I did have to switch from “Safari” to “Google Chrome” to accomplish this minor miracle though.

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