On setting up my new blog I resolved the contents would be Writing, The Whole Writing and Nothing But The Writing. I would keep politics out of it.

This day 13th December 2019 the results of the UK General Election have broken my intention, just this once.

Now, it is an acknowledged fact (in my lexicon) that whereas no one can sing hymns or psalms like The Welsh when it comes to laments no one comes close to the Scots, thus for this day I have borrowed the following:


2 thoughts on “Lamentations

  1. Ah yes, the dour Scot lament. My people, the Bretons, though also typically Celtic in weight of wailing and mourning and in traditional sadness, seem to carry a lighter side to their songs, likely to be making fun at their inability to overcome their enemies and having to join them or die at their hands. The Breton bagpipe is also not as lugubrious as the Scottish one! That said, I hope Scotland regains her national independence now!

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