Christmas, Writing and Community

Nativity by Gari Melchser

Julius Garibaldi Melchers (August 11, 1860 – November 30, 1932)… commonly known as Gari Melchers. One artist who managed to capture the Humanity and the Spirituality of the Nativity in one amazing work of art. I will leave you to study the details here and take your own journey through the picture.

So not everyone will be celebrating Christmas. Maybe because they do not believe in the event either the religious or secular versions. Maybe they are going through one of the hard episodes we will all encounter. Maybe they just have not been given the opportunity to take part in any sort of celebration. Maybe in their part of the world it’s a struggle for survival and they don’t see things that way anymore.

Maybe even through one or all of the above, they will still find some space to make some sort of celebration.

It’s not for me to comment and try and bring words of cheer, that would not work. ‘Words of Cheer’ can irritate (Ask anyone with leaky shoes and wondering how they can get just one little gift for their child, while Paul McCartney’s ‘Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time’ blares out from somewhere)

What shall we The Writers do then?

Maybe not today or tomorrow. Maybe we are currently weary and have run out of words? Maybe we’ve just received a rejection for our latest project? Maybe our blog likes and followers are in single or low double figures? Maybe we are wondering (yet again) what is the point of it all?

In the days and nights ahead though.

We will return. For we are writers and we never truly rest or give up and we will take up the challenge to play our own part in keeping the light in the world.

We will weave tales for perhaps only one person to enjoy; it is will be sufficient

We will bring accounts and pictures of places we have been to share with those who cannot make those journeys.

We will reach out to share our experiences with others and they will feel a measure better by thinking ‘Oh. Not just me then. I am not alone,’

We will not give up on our causes even when all seems hopeless, because no Human empire ever lasts.

We will shed light upon those places where injustice and violence looms over the people.

We will bring our humour and our lyricism for folk to enjoy.

We will talk of the natural wonders of the world and beyond that others may be in awe and realise these bombasts who would be rulers are small transitory beings.

Some writers will meld a few or all of the above.

We, the writers have been given this gift, sometimes an onerous one which will not let us rest and gives us scant material reward. We should not care, for it is a Gift and we must fulfil its blessings upon us.

And as I write it occurs to me

In the Christian pantheon….The Nativity commenced with one young woman accepting a joy, a burden and a fate to bring a Light into The World.

Lest I offend anyone by any clumsy words I will leave the reader to ponder.

And Writer never give up on their writing.

My best wishes to all of you.

Candle lights



14 thoughts on “Christmas, Writing and Community

  1. Gari Melchers’ nativity portrayal is the most realistic I’ve ever seen. Did it happen? Did it not happen? That should remain a personal sacred belief – never to have been institutionalized. But alas, people believe that “where two or three come together in my name, there am
    I with them.” which is an unfortunate claim since it automatically cuts the single individual from membership in the body of Christ. Being a loner, by nature and choice I always resented that. Well, in Melchers scene there is raw simplicity and no crowd, either of people, angels or animals. That suits my temperament.
    As for writers, you described their role very well. That is what writers do, or at least those writers who use their talent to share aspects of this world, and other worlds, which others would not otherwise get to “see”.
    It’s Christmas eve here and all’s quiet on the home front. Alone with my thoughts tonight, by choice and thankful I made such a choice. Easier to hear the world when I am alone. Good night, Roger!

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    • Hello there Sha’Tara.
      UK, Christmas Day afternoon as I write this.
      To me the message always meant ‘you don’t need a crowd to worship’, there are others about praying by yourself…I’d probably get into a lot of trouble with some for being too relaxed about what means what, but that’s between me, and as my son used to say ‘The Big Guy Upstairs’ (a metal music approach- you gotta love it).
      You are right though, sometimes you have to be alone, own thoughts, own feelings.
      Teri Melcher’s painting is one of my favourites, so much detail about reality. A weary and very young Mary leaning against a Joseph deep in thought, no cosy straw etc, only a bowl of suspiciously dark (bloodied?) water nearby. Very provocative.
      With the normal slew of negative news underscored by an election results that divides up the UK again 14,000,000 + for the govt, 16,000,000+ against but our election system grants goodies in a disproportionate way, what can a lot of us do, but use our calling to write?
      That message just came out of nowhere into my head. Maybe picking up on a vibe from the whole genuine writing world?
      Anyway I hope you are OK and at one with yourself and your own personal vibe (such a good word for all situations).
      All the best.

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      • Writing up believable characters (or calling them up to active duty out of past and future lives) does create quite the adventure. Since I gave myself the permission, perhaps better put, the right, to travel through space and time I usually ride shotgun with a key character, or I find myself providing the inspiration, the voice keeping the plot moving. I learned this when I was yet only a “reader”, choosing a character to “inhabit” him/her, vicariously living her/his life.
        Meanwhile back at the ranch, how’s the story moving along? I really enjoyed the short blurb you published earlier.

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      • That’s the way I do it too. Sometimes the plot seems to get stuck so I ask The Girls if they could help me out and they as a group or indiviuals take over and it sorts itself out. (Then there will be various inquests and objections when we do the re-writes….with the remrks over my shoulder such as:
        ‘Wot? You’re jokin’! No chance would that happen like that! Wot a sproggle!!’
        ‘Oh really Roger! That’s all messy! What about that sub-text thingy? And stop making me so very perfect….you know its not so..and very patronising too…’
        or worst of all.
        ‘Y’all think y’ gonna keep tha’ pile of mess maskin’ as words there….What were y’ thinkin’ ’bout….. sweetling?’
        The first draft is being finished, by the end of the week. It is a complete mess as first drafts always are, but there is a theme and a whole pile of ideas which work, others will be caste(d) out into the proverbial darkness where they can wail and g-nash their adverbs. And as you can see The Girls will have the final say.

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  2. Nevertheless, Christmas Greetings to you Roger. 🎄🤗
    I think a lot of problems with everything is a lack of will and a lack of time.
    Have a peaceful holiday. There is nothing like a rest to renew the spirit. 😉

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