Just an Opinion, (of course)

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking with Allen Carr

You will excuse me, but in relation to the title, it would seem, to me, that is, the solution is an obvious one.

A simple and polite refusal to join in this controversial although still social habit, irrespective of who is inviting you. Why you need instruction in the form of an entire CD escapes me.

In addition the title suggests a certain element of victimisation. Why should you refuse to share this social interaction with this one particular person? The idea of groups of folk stalwartly announcing this intention seems rather unsettling.

I can’t help but feel The Mass Media is at fault here.


4 thoughts on “Just an Opinion, (of course)

  1. Roger, true on all counts. The mass media made smoking look cool with big stars smoking on screen. Yet, at the end of the day, it is an addictive habit with a product an industry has known is addictive since 1964. When eight CEOs of tobacco companies on a panel all lied to a Senate committee in the 1990s that it was not, then the punitive damages were well deserved. The reason I do not smoke is my father did and I sat behind him in the car Keith

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