In Solidarity With #BlackForRohingya

The Human Lens

Earlier last month, the anti-junta protestors in Myanmar appeared in the streets of their cities in a show of solidarity for the Rohingya, the persecuted minority group in the country.

The protestors wore black and were seen flashing the three-finger salute of resistance and play cards in support for the Rohingya peoples. It was followed by an active social media trend “#Black4Rohingya” where twitterati posted their photographs to show solidarity and unity and demanded justice be served.

Within hours, #Black4Rohingya hashtag was trending on Twitter in Myanmar with more than 332,000 mentions and audio visual clips of anti junta demonstrators from the commercial hub of Yangon.

The #Black4Rohingya show of support from the pre-dominantly Buddhist country is a far cry from the past years, where even using the term of ““Rohingya” was a lightning rod for controversy.

How was #Black4Rohingya born?

The rights based campaign of #Black4Rohingya is a Protect…

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