Writer, is Formatting Your Manuscript a Headache?

Rachael is one of the tireless workers for all Writers and her blog is one to be visited and then followed.
Here is some information which quite frankly is pure gold.
If you are looking to send your work off…..read, watch, listen and learn

Rachael Ritchey

One thing that I’ve learned over time is that there are some specific (though not set in stone) requirements to the formatting of a manuscript.

How it looks and how it works do matter!

In my time as a book formatter, I’ve also learned that there are a wide variety of ways to incorrectly format a manuscript. The problems start back at the very beginning, and that’s why I think it’s important for us authors to learn how to format the most basic parts of our works in progress so that our editor doesn’t have to waste any time fixing things we could have done ourselves.

Formatting basics

  • page size
  • margins
  • font
  • indentations
  • hard returns
  • page breaks
  • scene breaks
  • chapter headers
  • and page headers

When we are properly formatting these items ahead of time our editors don’t have to stop and fix them…

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Your Book Isn’t For Everyone, And Your Marketing Strategy Shouldn’t Be Either

Now this is a rare instance where there is good marketing advice on this blog….. needless to say I didn’t write it.
Read and digest there are wise words here.

A Writer's Path

by Lauren Sapala

I’ve launched three different books in the past couple years and I’ve definitely noticed a pattern. Every time I go into “launch mode” I tend to also go into “marketing frenzy,” which means I’m frantically researching, emailing, posting, and overthinking about my book of the moment. My main drug of choice to support the frenzy is the internet. Because no matter what question I might have, the online world seems to have the answers.

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Word Press Why Do You Haunt Me So?

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Pause for Thought

Word Press. A minute of your time dear ladies and gentlemen.


Why do you send me a link to the post I have posted up? Why do you think I need to know what I have posted? What would you do if I were to ‘like’ this?   Laughing and pointing




I have been very patient about this matter, and will continue to be bemused because this quirkiness provides me with much material for blogs posts, that are quick and easy to produce and thus give the impression how buzzy (sic) I can be.


I consider myself fourtunate I have opted for a free plan and do not rely on my welfare and income hereabouts……

But have others ources.

But soft

On the whole I find the whole business most singularwilliamterriss7-2

Ah well, I have said my piece, I must be on my way

Whimsical one

Four volume novels don’t write themselves y’know

The Precipice Dominions

The Precipice Dominions

fed_up_woman-620x412….. I knew he’d do it! Him and his cheap marketing…it’s an offence to business practice I tell you! (And he doesn’t get the %@*! spelling right sometimes)

PS: Addressed once before, How Existentialist Can You Get?

But poking WP’s foibles is such fun!