A Summary of a Presidency 2016-2020 (or to be pedantic 2017-2021)

Well, it would appear that the person who occupies the Whitehouse until January 2021 might be beginning to think that maybe he might have lost the 2020 Election. In view of this I thought we might look back upon and encapsulate his tenure with the aid of a musical clip.

Sometimes, We Characters Need to Explain The Position

Hello everyone. Firstly I hope you are managing to cope as well as you can with all the trials and troubles in your world. They do seem to be very testing times.

Anyway, allow me to introduce myself to those of you not familiar with The Precipice Dominions stories, those being Of Patchwork Warriors; Our Skirmishers of Lace, Steel, and Fire and the concluding work Daughters of Circumstances. Arbiters of Consequences. My name is Trelli, as I am an orphan of unknown parents the folk looking after me never did get around to giving me a surname and until recently it never bothered me much. However under the influence of adventure, consequential excitement and of course ever the present Ethereal, in a fit of exuberance I titled myself Trelyvana Waywanderer and folk did seem to find it easier to cope with. It must be one of those quirks, that people do like a bit of the grandiose, at least when you are expected to place your Sanity, Integrity and Life all at risk for the good of…. a lot of people.

I am here as representative of the three of us. That is myself and my very good friends Arketre Beritt and Karlyn Nahtinee . Although Karlyn says she should be known as Karlyn Beritt now, but Arketre says in view of the situation there is a case for her being named Arketre Nahtinee. And then the whole business gets very tangled, so I say folk should read the three books and decide for themselves. (I understand that last statement could be read as ‘Marketing’- which Merklin says……Oh dear now I am getting ahead of myself and digressing; bear with me and I’ll start again).

Due to the events subsequent to Daughters of Circumstances. Arbiters of Consequences Arketre and Karlyn are somewhat preoccupied with more pressing personal matters whereas since I am now in the heady world of politics it would seem to be a requirement to have (1) An Opinion on; (2) Advice to give about; and (3) The need to explain, everything you come across, which is where this, (I believe the term is) ‘Post’ originates.

I understand those of you who follow Roger’s blog will be aware the third volume is completed and awaiting a book cover. As I am very familiar with the frenetic pace at which he uses keyboards; which is very rarely in synchronicity with his thought processes and also his inclination to use very convoluted prose I thought it would be helpful to read back over the two previous volumes for errors in typing, transmissions, syntax and of course continuity, so I stole away a copy of each of the volumes and with feet up on my favourite sofa, a few small snacks and a large pot of herbal brew started off.

Oh dear, I thought. Although that maybe a bit of an exaggeration, more a case of ‘Hmmmm’. It’s not the errors in typing, apparently those seem to be something quite unavoidable unless you hire a team of at least five dedicated proof-readers and then there is the risk they can get into a fearful argument between themselves over punctuation and other rules of grammar, thus holding the whole business up.

No, the problem was, whereas he did get the general narrative correct, in a linear fashion, as it were, some of his details were quite incorrect.

For instance: When Arketre had her first conversation with Zweideutig and introduced us, while the discourse between the two went on Karlyn and I did not get into an undignified wrestling match which Arketre threatened to break up with a bucket of dirty water. We were simply having a spirited argument over my reading matter, how I had appropriated the said works and whether Karlyn had the right to go rummaging through my possessions, this was halted when Arketre in her best LifeGuard sergeant style required our opinions on a temporal displacement. I asked Roger how on The Good Lord God’s World he had decided his account was the correct version of events.

‘Well Karlyn told me-‘

‘Karlyn told you?’ I exclaimed ‘You’ll be believing one of those ridiculous YouTube or FaceBook accounts next!! I have told you before. Watch her eyes! If she blinks swiftly twice and her glance darts to the left, she’s up to mischief . Oh really Roger! You are a good sort, but you are too willing to listen to the words of the more lively folk,’

Then I had to take him to task about his assumption I had certain physical feelings for Wigran. He tried to defend himself by waffling about ‘subtext’ to which he was told in no uncertain terms to ask me about sub-texts as I had had to deal with them all, in the whole three volumes! Honestly, you would have thought someone of his age would have known better!!

Basically I have undertaken to guide him back through the account. For the reputations of everyone, be they good or bad, and to give full credit to those who played fleeting but important parts in the drama. As I understand it; historians in your world are doing this all the time; they write a book, new evidence turns up and every so often they write a new edition with some alteration or other. The basic story and the important elements, though, all remain the same.

I cannot comment on what he has written about the more private interludes Arketre and Karlyn shared. He has said they were written based on Arketre’s accounts and with her looming over his shoulder; he added this was most unnerving. She said he had left the best bits out, trying to type with his eyes shut was the most damn fool thing she had ever seen and if he had spent less time looking for references in a Thesaurus he would have got the thing done in half the time. Apparently there were other observations but he was not repeating them. And having found out what he had been writing Karlyn would not speak to him for days afterwards, which itself may have been to his advantage. In any case on this topic he has my sympathy. Personally I thought he has been most fayre in an adventurous wryly tasteful way on the subject of my own later experiences and so have forgiven him for being such a noddle over Wigran.

I am not very angry for it has been fun to read back over the adventures and he has been very sympathetic to us all but in matters of import, as these are to us, it is necessary to get the record straight.

I will keep you appraised of matters.

Best wishes to you all

Trelli (Silc)… or Trelyvana Waywanderer


Nov 16 – International Day Of Tolerance

Like me you might have missed this day. Keep it in your heart.

The Human Lens

November 16 is celebrated as the International Day for Tolerance and was made possible thanks to the UNESCO’s 1995 Declaration of Principles through which it affirms that tolerance is neither indulgence nor indifference.

It is respect and appreciation of the rich variety of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human. Tolerance recognizes the universal human rights and fundamental freedoms of others. People are naturally diverse; only tolerance can ensure the survival of mixed communities in every region of the globe.

Diversity for all its effects is the vast richness of cultures, peoples and nations and in today’s times there is a crucial need for acceptance, appreciation and inclusion of different forms of human expression and existence.

Here are some interesting and very inspiring activists working on different human rights issues pertaining to tolerance and inclusion.

Iljeoma Oluojeoma Oluo

She is a Nigerian-American writer, speaker and…

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‘This May Not be The Beginning of The End, but it will be The End of the Beginning’

You’ve won back this precious flag

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

But be ever vigilant.

The Intolerance and Bitterness never sleep

NB: The title of this post is a quote of Winston Churchill’s after the British & Commonwealth forces victory at El Alamein 23rd October to 4th November 1942

The Worst of All Possible Outcomes…

When a nation is Undecided, this equates with Divided, which equates with Conflict, which is waiting to lead the Willing down a long, smoke thick road, the ending of which none of those Willing ever comprehended.

Whatever the result of the 2020 Presidential Election will be, it will leave a vast number of angry, disaffected folk who in turn will voice their anger and in turn will be turned on by the victors and they in turn will turn on the victors, and so forth.

That which began in the late 1970s as a simmering background which folk could work with yet eventually flared up as the 21st Century looked upon a USA made tinder dry by the winds of division and somewhere came the spark.

Then with the spark came the fire and all things nightmarish in a Democracy became possible, and The People forgot ‘The Union There is Strength’

I give you two quotes

Matthew 12: 25  But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand”

From The Second Coming by Y B Yates: ‘Things fall apart: The centre cannot hold’

There is no joy in being right when your concerns and evaluations as to the gloomier, more worrying political possibilities come to fruition. I want to be wrong about the USA’s future, I want to be seen as the alarmist who got carried away by reading far, far too much history of the military sort. Thus I make myself a hostage to fortune by using a quote from William Pitt the Younger Prime Minister 1804-1806 when on hearing the news of Napoleon’s victory at the battle of Austerlitz in 1805 and making a comment on the possible domination by France of Mainland Europe:

‘Roll up that map it will not be wanted these ten years’ ….. only I use a different map

And who knows how long a time scale?

And if I am wrong, we can all look back and laugh……Right folks?……Laugh?……Yes?……..Please…..

Message to Those Who Still Don’t Get It

Tell their ghosts voting doesn’t matter

Civil War Cemetery

Tell their ghosts, you can’t be bothered.

Malmedy December 1944

Go and tell these folk and their ghosts there is no point in voting

Because if you don’t vote……….

YOU WILL BE NEXT! (And don’t think that being White, and financially secure makes you safe, that status is only conditional)

Elie Wiesel—- Always take side. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented. 

Conclusion……Fear of being disappointed is no excuse


Covid. Elections. And Tomorrow. Ron has said it all here folk


A look at the clock tells me one thing;
A look at life says another.
But, just before the alarm starts to ring,
It’s TIME my sister and brother.

It’s time to get our shit together.
It’s time to get it right.
Because, right now sister and brother,
It’s five minutes to midnight.

We have five minutes my people; that’s it!
We don’t have ten or fifteen!
Twelve-o-one, is the end of shit.
Our records must be pristeen and clean.

It’s time to get our shit together.
It’s time to get it right.
Because, right now my sister and brother,
It’s five minutes to midnight.

To God a day is like a thousand years.
So, imagine a God minute.
A minute to God is a few ticks of the gears
On the clock of time that is infinite.

So, it’s time to get our shit together.
It’s time to get…

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A Halloween Aftermath

We sat; the chill, quiet dawn. I upon the falling trunk, the body of a tree at rest, on its passage back to the earth, and opposite the creature upon its rock an ancient stone; something far, far older than our combined lineages, those carvings but recent scribblings in its history made by those who had reckoned this being and its ilk something powerful. That’s the problem with us Humans, paradoxes, a crate load; I sometimes wonder if Paradox would exist without us. Anyway I’m getting ahead. Let’s get back to the linear narrative.

It was a being of one of the Usual sorts, this one’s group had opted for the Octopod look, with a few more tentacles doing the writhing of course, one baleful off-yellow eye and a beaked maw with an angry look; they’re always angry, at not being on top of the pile I guess. I do dislike this crew, they give the whole Cephalopoda class a very bad image. A group, by the way, far more interesting in their natures, study them and you really start to ponder on the Nature of Life in all its myriad forms. There I go again, digressing. Back to business.

‘Must be a bit disappointing no one turning up,’ I said casually, as I lit another cigarette, yeah, yeah dangerous to my health, anti-social and so on, but being so obviously throw-away, well it annoys the fluids out of these types, underlines how you feel about them and their position in the Universe. I could tell I’d got it already, the tentacles doing a lot more writhing, then there was the hissing and snakey sort of spoken ancient bad words that would get junior off to bed without any supper. Still, take nothing for granted. They are slippery. I continued.

‘I mean no host of rubes led by some guy in sparkly robes chanting and sacrificing. Must have been a quite a buzz to the ego. A whole circus all for you. Back in The Day,’

There was so much writhing I thought the thing was going to strangle itself, and as for the language, well maybe not up to American marine gunnery sergeant standard, but my, pretty salty.

‘You small thing,’ I let it have its say, it’s only polite ‘We ruled the world while you were still small scuttling things in the mud, you cowered beneath us,’

‘Yeah. About that. And I’ve asked this question at least twenty times. If you were so good, how come you aren’t ruling anymore? I mean and try and give me a straight answer. Was it a geological event, like causing a change in the climate? Or did you get smacked by a piece of cosmic debris? C’mon you got to admit this Universe, your kind, my kind we’re pretty small stuff,’

‘You know nothing!’ it hissed, and tried to get off of the rock, which was not a wise move, because it’s environment is linked to said rock. I don’t know why, don’t really care, that’s above my pay-grade as the saying goes and I have enough to think about. ‘You grub around unaware of what lies beyond the veils of your pathetic perceptions. Beings who consume suns…’

‘Hold it there!’ I held up my hand ‘Yeah you are exaggerating on that score. A sun. Something so big it can churn out a million tons of stuff a second and have a life of , I dunno like 10 billion years. That is a load man. If it were true…Heck the results of the digestive processes, unless of course you are suggesting there’s something out there that craps nebulae in which case I would suggest they would have bigger thoughts than worrying about how to fool a few credulous little folk on a small rock. Admit it sonny, don’t mind f I call you sonny do you?’ Yep, it did ‘If you had a time at all, it’s gone. Don’t embarrass yourselves,’

It was gathering up for something it would think as spectacular when I flicked the half finished cigarette at it, caught it on one tentacle tip and, yes it flinched.

‘And there we have it,’ I said ‘You and me. We’re living tissue, and you can argue every which way you want, but when it comes down to it, stone, steel, fire and things than go boom win out every time and right now, we’ve got the controlling percentage on those. So what with Nature and our propensity to destroy anything we take a dislike to, you’re best on your way. It’s all over for you sonny. Folk are neck deep in the latest gadgets, trends, deadly metallic devices and its all passed you by. Go back to your Wherever and squabble with other ancient sorts who lost out,’

‘You short lived things,’ it hissed, must be difficult hissing through beak ‘I measure my life in millennium,’

‘And you still gotta turn up on some shitty little rock hoping a few yahoos will be here? Man! Talk about slow learning,’

I stood up, lit another cigarette, turned my back and walked off, waving one hand.

‘See ya around, and watch out for those Gamma-Bursts, they are definitely no respecters of flesh and whatever, come to think of it machines too,’

Now some might say it was a foolhardy and arrogant act to do, turn my back on some ancient and very annoyed ugly creature all hissing and tentacles. Thing is, they rely on belief, fear and terror. You don’t show it, they’ve got nothing-, and that one I’d just been dealing with was pretty small stuff. Still it would go back to wherever all grumpy and bitter and start some internal war just to prove something.

It had been a relatively peaceful gig. Halloweens can be noisy calls if you have to deal with something showing off horns and male genitals, man talk about insecurity. Some of their girl followers can be cute, in a predictable way, they get really tearful angry if you slap their pert little butts with a holy book of some sort, then they turn into snakes or bats which is another insult to the real animals.

Up the road was Mr Smith. Aside from his car’s tire marks there were ones of a van. The yahoos had been taken care of, only two of them but even two can be a civil nuisance with their creepy or very neat houses, collections of fashionably ominous books and talking in the latest or very ancient oblique manners, pretending to be so superior and detached, yet they hate peak shopping times too. Anyway they encourage the creatures, give them egos.

‘That appeared very easy,’ he said to me.

‘Ah, y’know I was on a roll this time. My girl split from me and someone had to get the sharp edge of my mood. Anyway this one was out of stock-casting, just in my line. Y’know I just got to stand up a salute those Divorce Lawyers you employ, turning entire covens on their demon leader with one address,’

‘Well each has their calling. The economists and accountants can bring a stultifying layer of boredom to most summonings and have the whole thing fall apart. Stand-up comics bring the ridicule and cutting insults and once someone starts to snigger, the whole ceremony falls apart. Then we have the more simple military approach, although the clean up is quite the task,’

He had a point. The whole organisation seemed to have a good success rate. None of the creatures from the Othersides seemed to be able to catch up with Human’s progress, if that is the right word. There were Theorists who reckoned most of beings were not keen on coming over lest we find a way back to them and ruin their own environments; we’re good at that. So its only the losers, simpletons and wack-jobs who try. Humanity has got too scary for them.

Yeah I’m a kind of paranormal street cleaner. I’m ok with that, it’s a supplementary wage.

We did the traditional handshake of course.

‘When will you be available next Mr Plowman?’ he asked.

‘Ah, busy few weeks. I’ve got The Election and the aftermath to cover and my editor brooks no excuses. Now that beat,’ I warned him ‘Is really brutal. Never hire anyone who works in politics,’

‘We know,’ he said ‘We know. There are suspicions some from the Othersides are there already,’