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I have followed Keith’s magisterially mature and dignified blog for some time now and have consistently been impressed by his ability to deliver a strong point in restrained tones.

I, therefore, am passing details of this recent post to all my American followers. To those in other nations share this that your American followers make take up the cause to win their nation back from hysteria, excess, bigotry and incompetence.

Thank you

The following is a variation of a letter I forwarded to my US legislators. Please feel free to adapt and use. ************** Seeing the parade of diplomats and senior staff members testifying under oath regarding their consistent concerns over the president’s abuse of power is telling. They are exhibiting political courage with the knowledge they […]

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Laying on the ground, with my face in the dirt. I’ve been kicked while I’m down. I’m still strong, but I’m hurt. I could lay here in agony, For what feels like an eternity, But it’s time to pull myself out from this plight. It’s time to find my strength inside, To prepare myself for […]

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There was no reblog button but this is a fine example of the thoughtful and incisive work Mathew is producing. (See reblog)

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